WinDoor 2016 : Viva Montreal

Choose a robot for your factory from Precision Motor Control? Learn about the impact of AAMA 450 re NAFS ratings and testing? AmesburyTruth booth for the latest advances in casement or sliding door hardware? Have Serge Rondeau discuss the latest 360 software innovations? Gain some of the latest insight into YOUR industry organization ? Tapas 24 or Garde Manger for unique and amazing food experiences? Visit the energized Groupe Eugenie booth? Just say congrats to Stephane Lebeau for tackling a new WinDoor event in conjunction with l’Association de vitrerie et fenestration du Québec? Explore the new boutique style Hotel William Gray in Old Montreal close to the waterfront? Visit a variety of Quebec suppliers or manufacturers such as Adfast or Portes et Fenetres President  or CLEB?

The fall of 1999 in Toronto was my first visit to WinDoor despite having spent 13 years in the industry. Over the course of the following 17 years, WinDoor has proven to be a regular calendar event with the only exception being the arrival of the first grand daughter! It has become increasingly clear that a serious effort to succeed in the window and door manufacturing industry requires a commitment to remain current on a variety of issues and components as well as trends within Canada. The past 18 years has seen a great deal of change as the regulatory and testing environment has changed dramatically along with numerous other issues.

WinDoor 2016 brought some of the same elements of prior shows in Toronto but also some distinctly different. As one of Canada’s oldest cities with distinctly unique culture, atmosphere, architecture and setting, this WinDoor offered some extra elements. The Hotel William Gray – a new boutique style hotel – offered exceptional value. Set in Old Montreal, the hotel is a unique combination of new and old as it literally combines a whole new building squeezed between 2 attached historic components housing unique services such as a historic Montreal coffee “institution”. The William Gray is also ideally located within a 10 minutes’ walk of the WinDoor show facility as well as a short jog from the waterfront.

The 2016 show floor was somewhat more compact than prior editions but still offered a plethora of new and interesting points of interest for the industry. One of the most surprising elements was a booth featuring a “programmed robotic worker” placing glass AND stops. Paul Breault of PMC Automation was demonstrating the amazing dexterity and capability of his devices literally placing and installing glazing stops!

The education segment as usual provided important ways to build up your knowledge as well as add to your skillset. One of the most relevant seminars was the focus on NAFS testing and AAMA 450. Dave Goldsmith, PlyGem and Robert Jutras, CLEB led the presentation which focused on variations of how to work not only with physical testing but also some variation of engineering modelling. It is a complex topic but clearly there is an effort underway to create a sensible path or the entire industry.

The “after show” was very well organized to enjoy an evening of interaction and enjoyment as show floor entertainers wandered around. Simultaneously, FenCan board members and managers provided additional entertainment with various “games” or challenges of skill. It proved to be an enjoyable time while enjoying an excellent mix of drinks and snacks – all the while allowing for a great deal of additional networking and last minute booth visits.

Of course, a window manufacturer from Winnipeg would NOT lose site of the opportunity to introduce some insights into the latest Fenestration event in Canada – , brought to you by Fenestration Manitoba!

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