Rising Costs (or simply no access to capable workers???) FORCE the Issue – Use Automation to Survive! Answers at FenCon18

Written by Al Dueck, FenCon18 Conference Chair

North American window and door manufacturers are being confronted to a MUCH greater degree what with rising input costs as unemployment declines and as minimum wages are rising.  Additionally, the task of processing and delivering a high quality product on time is made ever more complex with growing sets of options and performance requirements.  And in today’s competitive world, every serious manufacturer will need to achieve greater efficiency/higher performance.  In addition to making a great product, manufacturers MUST take advantage of the latest technology in production equipment AND software technology!

www.FenCon18.com will make available some excellent resources to find answers to some key questions on more advanced, more effective manufacturing techniques.  Michael Biffl, Sturtz Machinery, Eastern Regional Sales Manager, “We think this conference is an excellent idea and creates an excellent opportunity for the fenestration industry to connect those dots!”  Two seminar sessions amongst 3 streams will specifically focus on the impact of equipment automation.

Dale Treftz, Joseph Machine Company Project Manager (www.josephmachineco.com ) and Bill Perry, GED USA Software Product Manager (www.gedusa.com ), will be speakers on the first session.  The combination of these sophisticated companies PLUS these highly experienced professionals – both Bill and Dale have more than 20 years of industry experience EACH – places some outstanding knowledge and experience in the room.  Dale and Bill will use examples of automation applications in different real world situations and inspire manufacturing managers as to how they can use their analytical skills and automation resources to make your operation more effective.  Bill Perry of GED USA says, “I’ve walked the floors of over 150 plants servicing, designing and implementing automation equipment and software.”

Additional automation equipment resources will be on hand by way of JRC – representing Sturtz Machinery (www.stuertz.com) and JSA Machinery (jsamachinerie.com) – representing ROTOX (www.rotox.com ), featuring a number of companies with outstanding resources and experience.  A second seminar with a focus on automation of manufacturing through advanced equipment will build upon the first session.

AND, what makes the conference content even more effective and more complete is the presence of 4 specialized window manufacturing software companies – FeneTech (www.fenetech.com), WTS Paradigm (www.wtsparadigm.com ), WindowMaker (www.windowmaker.com ) and the more recent addition of Klaes (www.klaes.de/en ).   To further extend the learning opportunity, special sessions will not only provide insights into ERP implementation but also something of a more advance half day session on ERP implementation by Fenetech and WTS Paradigm.  PLUS, these companies will be showcased in the innovative Automation Technology Corner . . all created to give your window manufacturing company a step UP for the future.  Go forward or get killed?  This is your chance to learn and prosper!

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