It’s time to act!

Written by Denis Perron, AdFast

We must not let our Canadian companies lag behind the integration of connectivity technologies.

Those who have implemented the Industry 4.0 concept have increased their productivity by 60%, reduced their operating costs by 50% and improved the overall quality of their products by 42%. The integration of 4.0 will allow us to stay ahead of the competition. We must distinguish ourselves by implementing the best practices in industrial process innovation.

We must acquire expertise to get started in 4.0. Examples include:

  • data management
  • data security
  • human-machine interaction
  • user interface design
  • software development
  • programming
  • data science
  • analytics

We must also make the necessary investments, ranging from 7% to 9% of our turnover, to integrate the main digital technologies. Without a well thought-out 4.0 strategy, it will be difficult to make the best investment decisions for the acquisition and integration of necessary new technologies.

The integration of 4.0 is very motivating for employees if they are well trained. The new knowledge they acquire enables them to play a greater role in the growth of their company. Of course, productivity gains should translate into equivalent growth in employee wages.

It’s time to act!

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