Come prepared to be inspired, learn . . and most importantly – engage with window and door manufacturing people!

Written by Al Dueck, President, Duxton Windows and Doors and Event Chair, FenCon17

It’s been a some very busy days but there is a very rewarding set of results accumulating. An excellent group of fenestration suppliers have committed to the sponsorship and/or technical presentations at on February 10th. Window and door manufacturing can be a challenging but rewarding business and we intend to help with that process in an ever more complex world. In fact, one of the challenges may be how best to allocate your time amongst the three different streams of seminars as it is possible and recommended to book sessions in advance to avoid a sold out situation.However, it might well be that attendees (sessions will be of interest to both exhibitors, sponsors and window and door makers!) will choose as an example 1 session from stream 1, 1 session from stream 2 and 2 sessions from stream 3! And the middle of it all at lunch, Nicole Verkindt – passionate about leveraging the talents of entrepreneurs – will inspire us with how we as entrepreneurs can help grow the economy and solve global issues.

A colorful world needs the best possible options and the combination of Renolit, Aquasuretech, skai by Konrad Hornschuch AG and Chameleon will present and then discuss how your manufacturing could utilize new ideas or what special challenges to consider. Efficiency gains can be achieve in several different ways – ranging from mechanization to automation to Lean practices to improved software implementation. CME Lean consultants (as well as people with actual application experience), Adfast, Industrial Automation & Robotics, 360 Innovations to Joseph Machine will be hand to again discuss such options either in seminar sessions, Q & A periods or simply on that invaluable casual 1 on 1 conversation.

One of the most impactful streams quite possibly might be the Continuous Improvement stream 2. An excellent combination of speakers and topics will provide insights into the launching and development of a Lean program to experiencing its success and contributions over a longer period of time. Ian Marshall, CME and Ralph Eschenwecker have a lengthy background in CI and will provide some fabulous insights as well as opportunity to meet 1 on 1. Aynsley Dueck brings a passionate experience and newer “set of eyes” on the effectiveness of the program. Given the opportunity, would one rather “gain space” and quality/effectivenss with such an implementation versus spending large amounts of money on an expanded building?

Some surprisingly engaging sessions may turn out to be the combination of Martin Holladay, Green Building Adviser and Harry Schroeder, Power Smart on the topic of High Performance glass – bringing some very informed but different perspectives on triple glass for example. Rhonda Honke of inVision Edge will lead a discussion on Innovation with the participation of Hoppe and Amesbury Truth while Carolyn Geddert, University of Manitoba Engineering and Eddie Calisto-Taveres, Options for Success provide a fascinating take on our managing of a very diverse but talented work force. Safety is a major concern in factory settings and Jenni Lubbers, Cardinal Glass will provide key insights into leadership in their achievement of a highly recognized safety standard as Neal Curry brings to life the Made Safe component.

And of course, a fenestration meeting could not be held without mentioning NAFS but with a new “spin”. A combination of Elie Alkhoury, CanBest and Dave Goldsmith, Plygem engineer will lead us through some new insights into the world of regulation and testing now being further impacted by AAMA 450. How does our industry adapt to this new circumstance in a practical way with a sense of urgency and leadership!

The Victoria Inn Conference Center proves to be an excellent arrangement for this unique event as it is located a mere walking distance from the new Winnipeg International Airport and offers a very appropriate space at attractive cost points including affordable rooms. The primary plenary room accommodates a large group including the sold out exhibition components and then offers direct access to the three simultaneous seminar rooms. Oh, by the way, the exhibition space is sold out and the deadline for early registration is almost upon us! Friendly Manitoba will make a very determined effort to create a rewarding, memorable event!

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